Mortgage Mailing Lists

The mortgage industry is seeing a slight increase in business as the government has extended the new homeowner tax credit of $8,000. The mortgage marketing is also seeing a surge as mortgage companies target new homeowner prospects via mortgage mailing lists and mortgage telemarketing lists.

We’re optimistic for the mortgage industry as the economy strengthens, and look forward to a strong 2010  mortgage mailing list business. It’s coming back and American Profiles is here to help those ready to make some sales.

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Mortgage Lender Lists

Well it’s becoming more apparent that lenders have to be careful which homeowners the target for refinancing offers.

In such a sensitive market in regards to homeowner credit, a mortgage lender has to be careful in the prospects that they target and by selecting a mortgage lists that targets specific lenders, it increases their chances of closing a deal.

By targeting sub prime lenders (or non sub prime lenders) a mortgage broker can increase their chances of closing a sale rather than having only a nice conversation about the possibilities.

American Profiles List company has the most complete list of mortgage owners and can target any specifics that will help a mortgage lender acheive the highest response rate and closing ratio of any other list company in the industry!

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Business To Business Mailing Lists

Business To Business Mailing Lists provide businesses with total control with criteria selections. Whether or not a company wants to reach a big business, home business or a small business owner. It allows businesses to save time, without having to source for new contact information. With that said, it enables them to implement a large database to reach thousands or even a hundred thousand with one mailing. In addition, businesses have the ability to choose the best business mailing list for their product or service, making it an effective way for businesses to ensure that their targeted market is reached.

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Reduced Interest Rates

Well, the Federal Reserve has finally reduced the interest rates by an aggressive 0.75% which eased some fears and should help the market move to increase home sales and mortgage refinancing.
It’ll be interesting to see which mortgage companies seize the opportunity to send out a mortgage mailing to offer to homeowners the chance to take advantage of the lower interest rates while it’s hot.
Also, many other industries will be starting their marketing campaigns now and the early birds will be the ones to secure the most business.
It’s time to get moving on your direct marketing campaigns now before your competition beats you to it. Check with us to see how many prospects are available for your target market.
American Profiles


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