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Timeshare Owners Lists and Timeshare Leads from American Profiles is the product of many alliances with Timeshare associations around the country, not just merely courthouse records.

This makes our list of Timeshare Owners the largest and most sought after list available in the industry, as other Timeshare Owners Lists are not verified with the resort name. Phone Numbers are available.

Others say the same thing, although they have actually copied our site as you'll notice the similarities of our competitor's sites to ours. This is the original and oldest site for Timeshare Owners Lists.

We have many timeshare owners list customers that use our lists on a weekly & monthly basis, and continue to have successful campaigns month after month. Our timeshare owners list is second to none and continues to produce results over and over again.

Our customers remain repeat customers for years, and rely on our committment of keeping our timeshare list up to date with regards to the "National Change Of Address" as well as up to date phone numbers for the timeshare list telemarketing.

We guarantee our timeshare owners list to have a 90% connect rate so you're not going to get 50% wrong or disconnect numbers like you may have experienced with others.

And we can run counts by area code, county, state or any radius around a zip code.

Do yourself a favor, call for currrent counts and give us a try...you won't regret it.

Timeshare Owners Lists of Resorts Available: 

Timeshare Owners Age distribution is:
over 55 years-- 37%
35 to 54 years-- 53.7%
under 35 years-- 9.2%
The average age of current timeshare buyers in the U.S.A. is 54 years old.
The average age of timeshare owners in the U.S.A. is 49 years old.

General Statistics:
The number of "empty nest" timeshare owners is 65.2%.
The median income of timeshare owners in the U.S.A. is $77,000.
55.7% are college graduates and 42.9% are high school graduates with some college training.
Timeshare owners take an average of 6.2 domestic trips a year, with the average duration being 4.2 days.

The average total number of days of personal travel per year is 25.7.
California leads the nation in number of timeshare owners by state, with 270,531 owners, representing 15.3% of owners nationwide. By region, the largest percentage of owners reside in the Northeast, which accounts for 38% of all owners.

Florida is the single-most preferred state by Americans for a recreational property purchase.

The next five most preferred states are California, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas and Arizona, in that order.

Timeshare owners are not from Middle America any more:
they are from upper-Middle America and above.

Favorite resort and travel destinations are:

Seashore/ocean/beach-- 56.8%
Snow-skiing-- 20.2%
Golf-- 26.7%
River or Lake-- 14.9%
Orlando-- 19.2%

There are nearly 5,000,000 timeshare owners world-wide, and:

85.6% of those who responded to the most recent surveys indicated that they are satisfied with their acquisition.

32.4% have plans to purchase additional time.

18.6% will either upgrade or modify their existing timeshare plans.

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