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December 20, 2004

--------------In this Issue--------------------

***FTC Requires Monthly Do-Not-Call List Updates

***How To Get Your SAN (subscriber authorization number) To Comply With The FTC Ruling for Telemarketing

***Complimentary marketing electronic books.

*FTC Requires Monthly Do-Not-Call List Updates

New list regulations that take effect on Jan. 1 require that telemarketing lists be matched against the National Do-Not-Call Registry monthly, instead of quarterly, to purge the names of consumers who requested not to be called.

The Federal Trade Commission's registry presently has over 81 million telephone numbers.

Mandatory subscriptions to the government registry cost $40 per area code, with a maximum fee of $11,000 for any company accessing 280 or more area codes. Access to matching data is free for the first five area codes.

Call us today at 888/878-5478 for more information on starting your own cost effective mailing campaign Now.

*How To Get Your SAN (subscriber authorization number) To Comply With The FTC Ruling

Click on the link below to register your company. Bookmark this page for future access. At the bottom of the page, click on the box that says "all new users must click here to create a profile". Read all of the information and then fill out the form at the bottom. You must fill in both the "rep email address" and the "downloader email address". You can use the same email address for both. Submit the form and proceed to the next page.

You will be asked your organization type, make sure you select "seller". You will be emailed a user ID and password (which are case sensitive). Now click on "subscribe and pay". Here is where you will select your area codes and make any necessary payments (up to five area codes are free). Once you select an area code, it will no longer appear on the list of area codes for the country. This will prevent you accidentally selecting it twice.


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